inSPArations Facial Peels




Then you should first try a GREEN PEEL! A totally natural treatment using only herbs.

If you are concerned about the aging process, scarring or pigmentation there are many options available. The green peel is completely safe and has outstanding results.




Green Peel

Just $350 after 1st treatment!

Herbal peeling treatment is a medically developed biologically based method consisting only of natural plant ingredients which has been successfully proven worldwide.

This purely biological peeling treatment has a plant based compound of active ingredients in which the individual components work together synergistically to achieve the desired treatment objectives.

The results after a GREEN PEEL are clearly visible; there is noticeable improvement of the overall skin structure you will be amazed at the results, as illustrated with numerous before and after photographs.





Herbal Vital Treatment

This incredible treatment was specially developed for dull skin with poor circulation desperately in need of regeneration & for all skin that requires an extra surge of energy.