inSPArations Spa Body Treatments



Relax & Spa

Enjoy our beautiful surroundings in our 2 person spa with a glass of bubbly.



For two


Aromatic Sea


High in Algae and Dead Sea salt this stimulating defoliant remineralises and increases blood circulation and detoxification.




Detox Capsule & Body Polish

The skin is purified using marine salts rich in minerals. The chromo therapy and steam capsule assists in the relaxation and re-balance of the systems of the body, Awake to a refreshing Swiss shower & an application of a special blend of body moisturizers.




Body wrap

After a vigorous dry brushing exfoliation, a mask is applied over the entire body. The body is then cocooned for 20 mins allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients for a hydrating and regenerating effect. Enjoy a magnificent scalp massage whilst wrapped and then a refreshing application of body butter to leave your skin feeling soft, silky and radiant




Hydro Fusion Cocoon (This service is only available at our Spreyton location)

For Tight Muscles, joints and tendons, this treatment combines infrared heat and steam. Which enhances cleansing and detoxification. It also increases oxygen supply to the blood and tissues, resulting in improving skin nutrition and rejuvenation. This treatment includes a mini facial.